Message of the Day – Roadkill

The message today really requires Smell-a-Blog.

Since that has not yet been invented, these pictures of a dead skunk about ten feet from our mailbox on Lake Avenue in Lakewood, Illinois, will have to do.

Last night after nine we had the kitchen window open and in came this powerful odor of skunk.

One night a couple of weeks ago the same thing happened. We figured a skunk had sprayed while walking between our house and the one next to us. The same thing happened one night when we had the bedroom windows open.

What a stink!

We took immediate action each time, closing all the windows in the house.

It’s now afternoon and I just figured out that there was a skunk on the road near our mailbox. My son told me that his sleepover friend’s father has mentioned it to him.

I called the McHenry County Animal Control folks and was told that the County Highway Department picked up the dead ones. I asked if the Highway Department did that even on non-county roads and the woman thought it did.

It doesn’t.

So, I called the Village of Lakewood and the street guys apparently draw the short straw.

Funny that no one had reported it before.


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  1. You had to actually post a picture of this poor creature for the world to see with all his innerds coming out?? Have some respect, man…

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