Daily Herald Reports Long Grove Village President Maria Rodriguez Considering Taking on Melissa Bean

I have long thought that the only way to beat 8th District Democratic Party Congresswoman Melissa Bean was with a woman.

That’s one reason I supported Kathy Salvi in her 2006 attempt to win the Republican primary election. She lost to Barrington’s David McSweeney, who lost to Bean in the fall election. Moderate Party candidate Bill Scheurer was also on the ballot. The results in percentage terms follow:

  • Bean 50.9%
  • McSweeney 44%
  • Scheurer 5.1%

Note that Bean won be about seven percentage points. That does not prove that Salvi could have won, but the gender issue would not have been there with woman versus woman.

The rationale behind my advocacy of a female candidate is that since 1966 when I ran five percentage points behind a Chicago bank secretary for McHenry County Treasurer, I have observed women having a five percentage point advantage over men in the Northwest suburbs.

Now, the Daily Herald has an article by Russell Lissau reporting that Long Grove Village President Maria Rodriguez has been to Washington, D.C., to talk to the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Those are folks who can make sure significant sums of money get allocated to an 8th District.

Rodriguez is Long Grove’s Village President.

The Green Party is running Bill Scheurer in the 8th District.


Daily Herald Reports Long Grove Village President Maria Rodriguez Considering Taking on Melissa Bean — 2 Comments

  1. Please elect Maria Rodriguez to Congress so we can get her off the Long Grove Village Board.
    Maria can’t get anything accomplished (as you can see by the village parking lot still under repair all summer and fall and the sidewalks in town being one of the most difficult places to walk).
    Maria does not return emails or telephone calls when she knows the person calling will be
    questioning her about why the thing she said would be done at least twice before is still not done.
    She attacks people farther down the food chain as the problem. These are the same people she
    supervises. Obviously this shows her great leadership skills. I’ve lived in the Long Grove area
    for 49 years and have never seen so many shops in town vacant since Maria became board president. All the things she is doing for the village seem to be negative.

    Let’s see:
    Doesn’t return emails
    Doesn’t return telephone calls
    Can’t get anything accomplished
    No leadership skills
    Doesn’t care about her constituents

    Sounds like the perfect congresswoman to me.


  2. We can’t agree with you more Jsazma. And most residents of Long Grove are equally disenchanted with the arrogance and lack of representation they have received from Maria.

    Fact #1: 2/3 of Long Grove residents voted against her tax increment financing plan in an advisory referendum. She ignored the voters.

    Fact #2: 3/4 of Lake County voters approved the extension to route 53 in the April 2009 advisory referendum. Maria has steadfastly opposed the extension of route 53.

    With this track record does anyone really expect that Maria will listen to her constituents? We will only get more of the same B.S. from Maria Rodriguez.

    This is a very weak candidate and a horrible choice by the GOP, which is already losing membership in droves. GOP wake up and give the people a REAL, HONEST, CONSERVATIVE candidate with a proven record. Are we really asking too much?

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