Joe Williams Running for Regional Supt. of Education

Huntley’s Joe Williams rolled out his candidacy for Regional Superintendent of Schools at the Grafton Township Republican Central Committee last Wednesday in Lakewood’s Lou Malnati’s Pizza.

That was the night I was listening to State Rep. Lou Lang speak to the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee in Woodstock. Grafton Republicans provided free pizza, so by attending the Democrats’ event, I probably avoided gaining two pounds.

The letter Williams sent to Republican precinct committeemen and committeewomen follows:

My Fellow Committeemen and Committeewomen:

After 40 years of service to the public education system, Mr. Gene Goeglein has decided that he will not seek another term as the Regional Superintendent of Schools for McHenry County.

The Regional Office of Education plays a critical role in the governance and regulation of the key functions of the public education system as well as providing professional services to the thousands of McHenry County educators on a daily basis. This is a great responsibility which requires experience, expertise and a commitment to maximizing the available resources on behalf of the students of our county.

With the full support of Mr. Goeglein, I am seeking election as the next Regional Superintendent of Schools for McHenry County. I have served as the Assistant Regional Superintendent and County Truant Officer for the past 4 years and am intimately familiar with the functions, duties, responsibilities and most importantly, the expectations of this office. I am fully prepared to effectively discharge these duties and improve upon an already excellent office.

My professional efforts are driven by and focused on my belief that all of our kids deserve the best efforts that the adults in the community can provide. I also believe that it is our responsibility to seek constant improvement.

I became a school teacher upon my return from active duty in the United States Marine Corps and continue to benefit from the self-discipline and commitment to the service of others that I learned there.

In my career as a teacher, coach, administrator and leader, I have sought opportunities for student success, teacher achievement and systemic improvement.

I hold a Doctorate in Educational Administration, have twice been appointed to serve on state-wide task forces, and provide regular insight to legislators and stakeholders who shape public education policy.

It is also my good fortune to work with the members of our community on a daily basis as they navigate the increasingly complex world of public education.

However, the most rewarding aspect of my career thus far is the continued contact with the students, athletes and families of McHenry County.

It is a sincere joy to watch our young people transition beyond public education and into their adult lives, knowing that our educational system has partnered with the community to make this happen.

As a former United States Marine Corps infantryman, it is especially powerful for me to see many of my former students have transitioned from being protected into becoming the very protectors of our society.

I am a Huntley resident and have served as an appointed and elected precinct committeeman in Grafton Township.

My wife, Laura, and I are the proud parents of Joseph Jr. and Elizabeth. Joseph started school this year and Elizabeth will enter kindergarten in two years.

We are proud of the educational opportunities that our children will have in the system, and have made our home here largely for that reason. Like you, we are committed to helping them get the most out of this opportunity.

As with all of the challenges I have faced, I am fortunate to have the support of mentors, friends and family. However, my fellow Republicans, I need your help if my efforts are to be successful. I need your support as Republican Committeemen and Committeewomen in securing the necessary signatures to appear on the ballot. I have enclosed nominating petitions and a self-addressed stamped envelope for their return.

As a committeeman myself, I understand the effort required to secure signatures and I extend my thanks in advance. I would greatly appreciate any and all signatures that you would secure on my behalf.

Please feel free to contact me personally with any questions, comments or concerns. I am confident with your support that I can continue the tradition of excellence that McHenry County has come to expect from our Regional Office of Education.

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph R. Williams


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  1. Mr. Joe R. Williams, please explain to the voters and parents in McHenry county why you have 2 positions in the school district?
    you are listed as a Truancy Officer and as County School Superintendent.
    Is this not a conflict of Interest? 1 postion is to inact policies and procedures, the other position is to enforce them.
    You out stepped your power and military style of management. Even harassing parents in their own home.
    Stop and come clean with everyone. A little transparency goes a long way.

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