Lou Bianchi’s Staff Racks Up Another DUI Victory

The McHenry County State’s Attorney is obviously out to convey the message that if you drive while you are drunk and get arrested, you will be prosecuted and convicted.

This is the latest press release:

McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office Wins Another Difficult DUI Case

McHenry County State’s Attorney, Louis A. Bianchi, is pleased to announce a recent victory of another DUI offender.

Assistant State’s Attorney’s Robert Malen and Demetrios Tsilimigras won a DUI jury trial in the matter of People v. Craig Miller. The jury deliberated for only one hour.

This was a challenging case because the defendant refused all field sobriety tests and refused a breathalyzer.

Sheriff’s Deputy Stan Myk stopped the defendant on Roberts Road near Maple Street in Island Lake for his erratic driving which caused the deputy to make an evasive move to avoid a head-on collision.

The defendant admitted that he was departing from a local bar. This was the defendant’s second DUI offense.

We are proud of our Assistant State’s Attorney’s.

This is the second successful DUI prosecution in 2 weeks where no breathalyzer result was admitted into evidence.


Lou Bianchi’s Staff Racks Up Another DUI Victory — 2 Comments

  1. I hope the McHenry County State's "Attorney’s" are better at law then they are at grammar.

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