McHenry County Government Stimulus Loan Money Tapped Out

The McHenry County Finance and Audit Committee voted to allocate the last of the $18,338,000 in Federal Stimulus bonds for governments to the City of McHenry and the Village of Fox River Grove.

With $10.6 million already allocated to

Crystal Lake – $5 million

Cary – $5 million

McHenry Library District – $600,000

about $9 million was left.

McHenry County is reserving $4 million for itself, the City of McHenry wanted $3.5 million and Fox River Grove wanted $1.5 million.

That was more than the available allocation. 

The City of McHenry graciously yielded a million dollars of its $3.5 million to Fox River Grove.

Fox River Grove Village President Robert Nunamaker explained that his village would need $8 million to bring the streets up to standard and they were spending $200-250,000 per year. 

“We thank our friends from McHenry  who have offered to give us $1 million (in authority),” Nunamaker said.

Previously, McHenry City Administrator Doug Maseiner, seen in the top photo, said that his municipality’s road projects would be bid over the winter.

McHenry County Board member Tina Hill observed,

“We were doing this on a first come, first served basis. We got a good response.”

= = = = =

County board members seen in the top photo are, from left to right, John Hammerand, Tina Hill and Lyn Orphal.

In the bottom picture are Mary Donner, John Ryan and Scott Breeden.


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  1. All this makes me wonder why the City of Woodstock wasn't in line at the trough.

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