Windmills for Huntley School District 158?

A location needs two things to support windmills:

  • Wind
  • High power lines

I don’t know if there is adequate wind blowing past the Huntley School District 158 Administrative Building, but there are certainly high power lines.

Electric company Com Ed, of course, makes it as difficult as possible to get wind mills off the ground.

But it might be possible. And the expert in the area for schools is David Ulm. He’s right next door in District 300.

= = = = =
The windmills you see above were seen in Idaho.


Windmills for Huntley School District 158? — 2 Comments

  1. What a great idea; that's one great way of harnessing all that blows from the Snowdorf coalition AND putting it to good use!! Any chance you'll contribute the same good blows for your son's district – especially from the Skinner waterfront palace?

  2. I don't see open spaces next to a high power in Crystal Lake. District 47 also does not have the concentration of buildings that District 158 does, just in case the law continues to require distribution by the producer.

    Our home, by the way is not on Crystal Lake. If I stand on our bed when the leaves are not on the trees I can see Crystal Lake.

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