Hundreds Line Randall Road in Conservative Demonstration – Part 2

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog showed you the folks who were south of Algonquin Road standing on Randall Road in Lake in the Hills.  Today we venture south, even into Kane County, where Acorn seems to be of interest to the demonstrator in front.

These demonstrators were all in the Algonquin part of Randall Road.  They were waving flags and signs as part of the Liberty Train ICE Tea event, which ran up and down the busiest local road in McHenry and Kane Counties. 

Because I was heading south, northbound traffic prevented me from getting photos of the eastern side of the road demonstrators. (Click to enlarge this or any other photo.)  You can see health care is the concern of the man in the foreground,.

I saw some on the west side just south of Algonquin Road, but my view of them from across the intersection was blocked by this pickup truck promoting the Liberty Trail event.  The “Don’t Tread on Me” flag seemed to fit the attitude of most of the sign carriers.

But the biggest concentration were between Biaggi’s and Corporate Parkway, the southern edge of the Algonquin Commons shopping center.  None were at County Line Road, but maybe the organizers wanted to have people in 14th District Congressman Bill Foster’s territory.

If Foster votes for President Barack Obama’s health care legislation, it will be a nervous vote.  Democrats have held this seat briefly in the past and been driven out of office.

As I was driving around looking for different perspectives, I found a group who had just arrived.  It was almost 1, the scheduled end of the demonstration, but he and his family were headed from the Commons’ parking lot to Randall Road.  He objects to Acorn and Czars.

Here’s what I saw from Corporate Parkway.

A man protesting the Federal Reserve, spending and President Barack Obama’s health care plan had all three subjects on one side.

Taxes are also the subject of this woman’s sign:


Tomorrow the Jewel remnant.

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