LITH Village Trustee Denise Barreto Holds First Quarterly Coffee with Constituents

Only one non-family constituent showed up for Denise Barreto’s first coffee with constituents at Lake in the Hills’ Starbucks on Randall Road Saturday morning.

It was Julie Arndt, who lives in Western Lake in the Hills. Here you can see her smiling with a cup of coffee in her hand, which the village trustee provided as an inducement to come out on a beautiful day and talk.

The other constituent was Barreto’s daughter Emma.

Emma spent her time drawing cars like the one above.  What the adults were discussing must have been b-o-o-o-o-ring.  Emma has a good eye for detail.  Notice the seat belt and license plate.

Even so, Emma helped her mother get elected to fill the vacancy Paula Yensen created when she left to join the McHenry County Board.  She even solicited votes.

Barreto, who has her own political blog–the only one I’m aware of in McHenry County–got her start by helping Yensen knock on doors in western Lake in the Hills.  Grafton Township Precinct 27, to be exact.

After they had done it together for a while, Yensen asked if Barreto would be comfortable doing it alone.

Answering in the affirmative, the future village trustee finished the precinct.

Yensen recruited Barreto to run for the village board.

If she could knock on doors for Yensen, Barreto figured, she could do it for herself.

And she did.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Stephen Harlfinger – 616
  • Denise Barreto – 587
  • Robert Huchins – 569
  • Shellt Forte – 510
  • Joseph Wright – 434
  • Jeffrey Seigel – 312

She ran second.

How did she do it?

Knocking on doors, of course, but she also let fellow employees at Sears know she was running.  Barreto works in marketing there.

Did I mention she talks with her hands as much as my Italian relatives?

Daughter Emma goes to Hannah Martin Elementary School, where parents of classmates supported her. She has ballet and cheer leading lessons, which provided additional contacts.

And her attendance at Willow Creek Community Church couldn’t have hurt.

She is passionate about promoting marriage and particpates in the web site Urban Faith. We discussed the article that I put up on the two definitions of divorce in the Bible.

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