Dick Durbin and Roland Burris 2 of 7 U.S. Senators to Side with ACORN

I’ve just finished watching Glenn Beck’s Fox News show.

He had another undercover video shot by James O’Keefe.  The first two were in Washington, D.C, and Baltimore.

Instead of investigating ACORN, Maryland authorities are threatening prosecution for eavesdropping.  Five years in jail.

O’Keefe told Beck he would be willing to go to jail to protect his country, which is what he thinks he is doing by exposing the corruption in the mega-community organizing group.

Today’s footage is from California.

The ACORN worker admits she shot her ex-husband.


Here’s the transcript of the program: “ACORN REPRESENTATIVE:
‘I in my life have been abused, also. I mean just with an ex‑husband, a husband, you know, that just beat the hell out of me, you know, a few times and then, you know, I killed him. But it ‑‑ I don’t think that that’s a nice thing. I don’t think that ‑‑ ‘

“JAMES: ‘You killed him emotionally?’


I can’t wait to see if ABC World News runs anything tonight.

And there’s even an Illinois angle.

Of the seven United States Senators who did not vote to deny ACORN federal funds, our two were among them.

Given how close former community organizer President Barack Obama is to ACORN, I guess I should not be surprised that Dick Durbin and Roland Burris were two of the seven.

Nothing on ABC, but the San Bernardino Sun posted at about 7 PM this article in which

ACORN office supervisor Christina “Spach said Kaelke pretended to cooperate with O’Keefe and Giles because she feared for her safety…

“‘She was in an office all by herself,’ Spach said. She felt unsafe in their company…’

“‘Her husband is alive and well,’ Spach said.”

Let’s see what happens next.

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