Trial Part of the Defense of Gary Gauger Case Cost McHenry County Taxpayers $153,000

$152,582.64 to be exact is the August billing.

That’s what will be paid defense attorney Jim Sotos for defending county interests during the month Gary Gauger’s attempt to win monetary damages for his wrongful imprisonment on death row for the murder of his parents. 

Gary Pack was McHenry County State’s Attorney when Gauger was convicted. 

Federal authorities later brought members of the Outlaws motorcycle gang to justice for Gauger’s mother’s and father’s murder.

Gauger lost his case against McHenry County, so he will get no compensation from county government. 

The $153,000 for trial and related work in August was on top of the $1.7 million paid for legal defense in the case up until the end of July before the trial started.

$530,000 of that $1.7 million has been reimbursed by insurance companies. More such reimbursement is being sought.

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