Businesses Against Freedom of Speech and Association

In my first article on the Randall Road demonstrations Sunday, I promised an article on “so those who oppose the First Amendment can know who to patronize.”

It works the other way around, of course.

Both Lake in the Hills and Algonquin Police were called by property owners (maybe renters) along Randall Road.

Instigating the Lake in the Hills visit by police was someone in the new restaurant that took the place of Guvnors Pub.

The new place is Moretti’s.

Here’s how one person at the scene explained what happened in Lake in the Hills:

“The restaurant in question came out and told me we needed to move off their property. None of us were on ‘their’ property.

“I explained the easement and that the cops were aware we were there.

“He wanted to argue despite my trying to explain to him that their restaurant did not own the light poles or telephone poles so it could not be their property.

“He insisted that they owned the property to the curb and said leave, he was calling the cops.”I immediately asked all of the people to move to one side or the other and then passed it down the line what had just transpired.

“Funny thing is, I told the Moretti’s that one 1:00 pm the event would be ending and lots of people would be hungry and most likely going to their establishment for lunch.

“I also told him we were there representing small businesses among other things.

“He didn’t care and wanted us gone.

“We obliged.

“I did not raise my voice, I did not get into an argument, but what I do know is their establishment was empty after 1:00 pm – mission accomplished.

“I also know that there was a small group whom I did not know that was with us who were planning their next meeting at the restaurant.

“They are moving to another location.

“I do want to say that Kathy, the manager of Dunkin Donuts, in our area was as pleasant as could be, she welcomed all of us, was happy to have us and went in immediately to make more doughnuts for our group.”

And there will be other reactions to the hostility of Moretti’s Lake in the Hills’ management:

“Here is the irony in that happening with Moretti’s.

“For the past two months, the planning group, of 6-10 people, have actually met at the Moretti’s on Rt. 62 in either Rolling Meadows or Schaumburg…not sure which town it is in. We have met there for dinner each time we have met. This was how we met…over dinner in one of their restaurants.

“Obviously, our follow up/recap meet will not be there.”

Tomorrow the those who oppose the First Amendment south of Algonquin Road.

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The top picture is of Govnor’s Pub’s replacement restaurant, Morreti’s.

I had to ask the folks carrying “The 9/12 Patriots, Fighting for Freedom” banner to move in front of the restaurant, so I could get the photograph.

The five men in the lower photo were the ones who refused to cave into the pressure from Moretti’s.  You can see how far back from the curb the telephone/electric pole is.  All of the land between the curb and the pole is public right-of-way owned by McHenry County.

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Businesses Against Freedom of Speech and Association — 6 Comments

  1. The "easement" is owned by the property owner and yes, does actually pay taxes on that parcel of land. The ownership of the establishment may or may not agree with a particular political position, however I would hope that people would understand that most businesses are interested in serving all members of the community. Most business people are in business to make money (ie. capitalism) not to make poltical statements. The shortsightedness of the tea baggers is that they honestly believe most if not all of their neighbors agree with them. I can assure you, nothing is further from the truth.

  2. Agreed. A smart business person will stay neutral and not endorse any political picketing to take place on their lawn.

  3. Cheers to the Moretti's folks and anyone else who asked these people to get off private property. The totelers wave "don't tread on me" flags, yet fail to take their own advice when treading on private property. They want to be respected, yet have little regard for others and are willing to become distractions to motorists. Maybe all those Tea Totelers would have been better off on a some of the medians (grassy or concrete), undeveloped lands or kids' football fields rather than private property. Heck, Grafton Township has some open space for these "local-yocals".

  4. No, the easement is NOT owned by the property owner, and when the police came to Moretti's, the police told the manager there the EXACT SAME THING THAT THE PEOPLE TOLD HIM — it is the right of way, public property. Just like a sidewalk is in front of your house. And calling freedom lovers names, Baldy and Allan does not bode well for you. Calling the 2.1 million people who were in DC on 9/12 racists seems to be backfiring.

    The fact is that the manager was rude, and he did not know the facts until the police told him.

    Remember that Moretti's owns restaurants in Fox Lake, Crystal Lake (Finn McCool's), McHenry (Snug Harbor).

    I told the mgr. at Moretti's that if all of Obama's wishes come true, small businesses such as Moretti's will be especially hard hit. It was a poor decision on their part, as word traveled fast up and down Randall Road.

  5. Jesse, official estimates of the 9/12 demonstration in Washington put the numbers between 50,000 to 70,000 people. Quite an impressive number, comparable to a number of the Iraq War protests just a few years ago, but a very far cry from your 2 million number. And as for the easement issue, try telling the local township assessor that you no longer wish to pay taxes on the "easement" out in front of your home as you have it on good authority (LITH cop) that you no longer own it 😉 – let me know if that works for you, I am willing to give it a try as well. And I agree with you on the tea bagger thing, I think "freedom lover" has a better ring (kind'a sounds like a cool 70s rock band). Party on "freedom lovers". Peace out.

  6. Allan, the official count is 2.1 million according to the DC police. Check it out if you dare to know the truth. My friends were actually there.

    If you have it on good authority, a LITH cop, then maybe you ought to talk to the actual cop who came to Moretti's and told them … RIGHT OF WAY and they had every right to be there. Maybe a little communication/law problemo? Or your misconception?

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