ACORN Undercover Investigative Reporter James O’Keefe’s First Project – Planned Parenthood

The original target of independent undercover investigator film maker James O’Keefe was Planned Parenthood.

Not as sexy as his ACORN project, but quite revealing about Planned Parenthood.

Thanks to Illinois Review for bringing this YouTube presentation to my attention:

When O’Keefe calls he says he wants to make a donation designated to be used by African-Americans.  He says he wants to make the donation in his son’s name, the purpose being for his son to have fewer affirmative action competition problems in college.

“There’s definitely too many black people in Ohio.  I’m just trying to do my part,” he says.

 O’Keefe’s investigation on Planned Parenthood, of course, was more suppressed by the Left Stream Media than the most recent one on ACORN.

And, have you heard that the founder of Planned Parenthood’s predecessor organization, Margaret Sanger, was a racist?  I picked one of the references that turned up when I Googled, “Margaret Sanger, racism.”

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The photo is from the New York Post article I wrote about three days ago.

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