Dumbest Blog Comment?

Probably not, but it’s certainly shows the guy didn’t read the article before posting.

It did make me laugh. The Daily Herald did a follow-up article about a Grant High School teacher getting arrested (again).

In the story, Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran was quoted like this:

“”We have the statement where she has admitted to doing this. Somehow, this is being spun out there that there isn’t much there. But, it was publicly stated in bond court that there is a two-page written confession that she did this.”

So what does blogger “concor” comment:

“I dont beleive she did this. I want proof that she confessed.”

The above quote is literal. Not my spelling or typing error.

If you read the article, the question that isn’t asked is

Who hired this teacher?

Can the public know just in case the hiring administrator gets promoted?

School districts do not regularly conduct random drug tests on their teachers.  The state is going to test high school athletes, as is Huntley High School…after the football season is over.  The District 158 policy includes all participants in extracurricular activities.

Apparently it’s somehow better public policy to be reading an article like the ones the Daily Herald published about this teacher than have a preventative policy.

There’s two words to explain the “Why not?”

Teachers unions.

Is there a single school district in Illinois that does random drug testing on teachers?

If there is, let me know.

Meanwhile, if anyone finds out how long it will take the school board or superintendent to fire this teacher, will you also let me know?

It wouldn’t take long if she worked in the private sector.

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