Jack Franks Supporter List – G and H

We’re up to G and H on State Rep. Jack Franks’ list of supporters for this fall’s fund raiser. Here they are:

Chief Rick and Paula Gallas
Tom Ganka
Bev and Cliff Ganschow

Jim and Diane Gibbons
Bob and Dorothy Gibson
Ron and Darla Giordano
Joe Gitlin
Stuart and Ann Given
Frank and Beth Godo
Linda and Bob Gough
Mark and June Greenleaf
Edwin and Margaret Griel
Thomas and Nancy Gray
Patricia Grimm
Kevin Grismer and Maureen Malone
Mike and Jo Grismer
Greg and Laura Guido
Sharon and Meagan Gustafson
Dr. Paul Hain
Bob Hagge

Charles and Elizabeth Hamilton
Jeanne Hansen
Ron Hansing
Brae Hanson
Chief Steve Harter
Jim Hecht
Mike Heger
Ralph and Susan Hereley
Mayor Edwin Hettermann
Mike Hoeflich
Layne and Holter
John Hopp
Jessie Horton
Don and Glenna House
Jon and Marilou Heumann
Joe and Kathy Heumann
Reverend Clarence J. Hummell
Mary Lou Hutchison

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