Lakemoor’s Diana Hartmann Thinking of Running for McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Schools

Lakemoor’s Diana Hartmann is thinking about running for the Republican nomination for McHenry County Regional Superintendent of Schools.  You see her with her now-two year old son and husband Michael in this photo from last fall at Stades Farm.

With Gene Goeglein retiring, there is an obvious political opening.

Goeglein’s deputy, Joe Williams, announced his candidacy at the last Grafton Township Republican Central Committee meeting.

When I saw her name and email address in the McHenry County Clerk’s office on the list of people who have taken out petitions, I shot off a message asking for details.

Here’s her reply:

“I was sitting on the fence about jumping in the political scene. I thought it may be a little late.

“However, I was interested in Regional Office Superintendent, Republican, and I live in Lakemoor.

“I hold a superintendent license and have been an educator for the several years.

“I’ve lived in McHenry County for about 4 years and prior to that Rockford, IL for about 10.

“I’m Ed. D. A.B.D. (All But Dissertation), which means I’m finishing my dissertation now.

“Therefore I decided to look at this the next time around. Since I need 560 signatures and almost nobody knows me, I thought I better build this up more.

“Unless I hear people would like me to run, I will wait and build my platform.”

Hartmann’s email is  She asks those who would be interested in helping pass petitions email her.

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