Pat Kennedy Comments on McHenry County Video Gambling

At the McHenry County Board meeting Tuesday, a couple of folks commented on allowing video slot machines in local taverns and restaurants. Below is what Harvard’s Pat Kennedy contributed to the discussion:

Good Morning,

I am Patricia Kennedy, 20712 Streit Road, rural Harvard.

I understand your desire for money to do work on our roads.   I really understand the need for the jobs that work would create.   However. . .

Addressing the issues of rules for video gambling. . .

  • How well do you think those rules can be enforced?
  • Who will be enforcing those rules?

Doubtless that will be the employees of the establishments where these machines would be installed.

So the business which would be receiving the financial benefit of the machines would also be expected to police the system.   A pretty strong conflict of interest.

Add to that the strong track record that indicates that video gambling is truly a different animal.   It is vastly more addictive than other forms of gambling.

I understand that this can be difficult decision for you, however
I hope that you will look at the long range view on this and realize the true cost in dollars and destroyed families.

Please vote to ban video gambling.

As to the 2030 Plan, being mindful of your long agenda this morning, I look forward to talking to you about the current draft in the near future.

Thank You.


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  1. I don’t necessarily think that video gambling will create jobs. It’s just another form of entertainment for the bar establishments.

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