Huntley Youth Football Coach Resigns from Board after Marijuana Arrest

Huntley Youth Football MastheadThe Northwest Herald has an article about a big Kane County drug bust by state, local and federal officials on the North Central Narcotics Task Force.

Huntley Youth Football 2008 Bantom Coach Joe LichayAmong those arrested was Huntley resident Joe Lichay. Huntley Youth Football lists him as a 2008 coach for the middleweight PAC – White team (click to enlarge).

An email from an official of the youth organization said,

Lichay, Joseph A Mug Shot Full face and hair“Mr. Lichay is no longer a coach, board member, or associated with Huntley Youth Football.

“It is very embarrassing since he was a long time member; I guess you never know.  All I can say is he did pass a background check prior to this.”

Lichay and Elginite William Santana are the only local men arrested. A ton of marijuana was involved, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The Huntley School District 158 Board is the first in the area to call for testing those in extracurricular activities for drugs. The board and administration did manage to stall implementation until after last fall’s football season.


Huntley Youth Football Coach Resigns from Board after Marijuana Arrest — 8 Comments

  1. The Huntley Youth Football League is NOT affiliated with School District 158. Please check your facts before making accusations.

  2. I’m all for testing. It would be a logistical nightmare and we would probably be a little short on volunteers. Besides, I don’t know if drug testing would have done any good here. What if he wasn’t a user?

  3. Sue, Cal just used this as one more opportunity to throw mud at District 158

  4. this is bs. Doesn’t anyone realize how many alcoholics work with children? In Marengo, several teachers at the high school are alcoholics. Some of the male teachers actually DATE students… Ask any student there. Everyone is aware of it, and no adult seems to care…
    For this guy to lose his job over pot… bs… marijuana is a safer alternative to alcohol. Fact.

  5. For a guy to loose his job just for having marijuana realy sucks. To be honest alcohol is causing a much bigger problems.

  6. this was 2,300 pounds of marijuana costing 5.2 million dollars of course he is gonna lose his job the bail cost is 10 million dollars with sentenced 12-60 years in jail

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