New County Ethics Commission Members Proposed

The current McHenry County Ethics Commission has three members whose terms are expiring:

  • Walter J. Packard, former McHenry County College President, who is now retired with a golden parachute
  • Robert Blaizer, recently retired Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce Exec and former District 47 Grad School Superintendend
  • Rev. Karen Stunkel, former Home of the Sparrow administrator

Replacements being recommended at Tuesday’s 8:30 AM meeting of the Management Services Committee are

  • Deborah Nier – Administrator, City of Marengo
  • Major John Price – Salvation Army, Crystal Lake
  • Robert Martens – Director, Family Service & Community Mental Health Center

It appears that the original members, appointed Feb. 1, 2005, were

  • Walter J. Packard, President McHenry County College
  • Art Osten, Jr., Village Administrator Fox River Grove
  • Robert Blaizer, President Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce
  • Timothy J. Clifton, City Manager City of Woodstock
  • Karen Stunkel, Executive Director Home of the Sparrow

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