Stadium Fail

For those who think McHenry County College Board members Donna Kurtz (now a candidate for McHenry County Board) and Scott Summers (now running for State Treasurer on the Green Party ticket) were wrong to help kill the minor league baseball stadium on MCC property, take a look at what has happened to a much better situated stadium on I-90.

To put it in pre-teen talk:

Stadium Fail!


Stadium Fail — 1 Comment

  1. Come on now. You are comparing apples to oranges. the indoor Sears Centre cost more than 2x what the ill-fated MCC facility would have cost. And, what you seem to conventiately forget is the 2/3 of the cost of MCC faciliity was directly attributed to much needed MCC amenities for their exclusive use. The $12 million baseball facility was to be shared by the minor league team and other MCC and community users. The purpose of having the minor league team was for help on paying the bonds that were financing the project, and, by the way, which they were paying a disportionate majority interest. Forgetting the immediate negative consequences, when someday MCC is forced to expand they will not have any help in servicing their debt. Then you will see the damaging impact to MCC from Kurtz and Summers fip flopping on this project. God help us if either one is elected to another office.

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