“Somebody tipped those ‘Punks’ off!!!”

Want to know why former Democratic Party candidate Dave Bachmann is ticked off at McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren?

It’s not because the Nygren family got Homestead Exemptions in both Florida and Illinois.

It’s not because Nygren endorsed fellow Republican incumbent office holder Coroner Marlene Lantz for re-election.

It’s probably not even because the sheriff denigrated Bachmann’s investigatory talents in the Northwest Herald right before the election.

My guess is that it is because the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department put Bachmann’s family in danger.

As Bachmann puts it in his latest post on his 3 and one-half month old, 13,000-hit blog,

Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry,

Somebody tipped those ‘Punks’ off!!!

What punks?

The Hebron drug dealers Bachmann says were living right next door to him and his family.

Bachmann told the sheriff’s department how his neighbors had divided cocaine by the light of a car’s headlights on their driveway.

But, read what he wrote:

“By now, early June, and just about a month after Sgt. Koziol refused my other calls for help, I again tried to reach out to Sgt. (John) Koziol. Again, my call refused. Again I left a ‘detailed’ message about the fact that I saw the neighbor ‘Punks’ separating Cocaine under the dark of night while using the front headlamps of a Chevy Blazer for light.

“I told Koziol that not only did I see the drugs on the driveway late one night just after I met Sylvia Flores, but that I had just moments before placing my call to Koziol, was looking at a late model Mitsubishi Lancer that had pulled into the driveway with a Marijuana plant dangling down as the cars radiator leaked fluids onto the driveway. I described what I saw in great detail. Again, no return call from the McHenry County, Sheriff’s office or Sgt. John Koziol.

“I also told Koziol that at least (5) young ‘Punks’ had taken up full time residence at the home as well. I placed this call at around (4) p.m. in the afternoon. What happened next will shock all reading this as it did my wife and I.

“In or about 0800 the very next morning after I placed this phone call to Koziol, my wife and I both witnessed all the young men who had been living at the home, all at the same time, flee… some leaving without shirts on…Like rats fleeing a flood. They all got into the four cars that were parked all night at the home and took off.

“In one hell of a hurry I will add.

“At about Noon or so just after the young men fled the home, a large truck pulled up in front of the home. It looked like a Septic Pumping truck. I found that to be strange. I watched further.

“Two men got out of the truck and took a broom and a large blower and began power blowing debris off the driveway, cleaning it for some reason?

“Next the large truck with a tank backed into the driveway and a fresh coat of liquid tar sealant was being applied. Thus removing any and all evidence of what might have been embedded in that driveway. The two men didn’t waste any time either. They were in and out of there in a hurry as well!

“Somebody tipped those ‘Punks’ off!!!”

“…I will state for the record, I Intentionally ‘DID NOT’ call ‘ANY’ other ‘Law Enforcement Agency’ back in early June, when I saw what I had just described.

“(The ‘ONLY’ law enforcement agency I contacted was the McHenry County, Sheriff’s Department’s Sgt. John Koziol. I DID THIS ON PURPOSE! For the EXACT reason you might be thinking of right at this moment!)

“I wanted to know how these small time ‘Punks’ were pulling off all the shenanigan’s they had been getting away with impunity for about a full year. I wanted to know why the Hebron, Police were not getting any help?

“I’m not accusing Sgt. Koziol of anything. I’m telling you ‘EXACTLY’ what happened!

“Then you saw what Sheriff Nygren told the Northwest Herald reporter about my ‘Investigative Instincts!’

“I truly don’t know if Sheriff Nygren ever really knew what all was going on while he was away. He couldn’t have! Could he?”

There’s more in the article, including praise for two deputies who made an arrest next door a couple of months later and about the mud covered Mitsubishi Lancer with a marijuana plant attached to its undercarriage leaking radiator fluid. (Bachmann links to this Northwest Herald article about two marijuana fields found near Hebron.)

Another article talks about other contacts with the sheriff’s department. It includes an incredible quote from the Hebron police chief.

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