Thoughts about the Potential Thomson Prison/Yemen Connection

In his December 15th statement about imprisoning terrorists in Northwestern Illinois’ Thomson Correctional Center, 16th District Congressman Don Manzullo warned that

“the vitriol now pointed toward Gitmo will transfer to the village of Thomson and this facility, creating a new magnet for terrorists’ activity and contributing to their recruiting rhetoric.”

With the attempted destruction of the plane landing at Detroit from Nigeria with a Yemenis-supplied bomb, maybe it’s time to revisit Manzullo’s concerns. Especially since about 40% of its inmates may be from Yemen.

Those of us who have driven south of Rockford down Interstate 39 know there are two cooling towers for Commonwealth Edison’s nuclear power plant at Byron within sight of the highway.

While I’m sure Exelon would say the facility is safe from terrorist threats, for a moment, think of how the wind blows into McHenry County from the southwest.

McHenry County is about as far away from the nuclear power plants as is Thomson, Illinois.

If anything bad happened to Bryon’s nuclear power plants, it would not take a genius to connect the event with terrorists incarcerated at Thomson.


Thoughts about the Potential Thomson Prison/Yemen Connection — 1 Comment

  1. Move your map over to the Mississippi River where the new target,ah prison, is on. Then look at the importand train abd truck bridges, boat locks,pipelines, the toxic waste dump Savanna arsenal, The Rock Island military arsenal, The nukes and used fuel rods stored by the Quad Cities,and don’t forget the major ammo plant just down river. Think: Bridge on the River Kwai. Its a remote dark river at night,and not that well guarded during the day either.

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