Paul Vallas Endorses Reformer David Hoffman for U.S. Senate

The man Rod Blagojevich narrowly defeated in the 2002 Democratic Party primary election, Paul Vallas has endorsed former Chicago Inspector General David Hoffman. Since Hoffman has been to McHenry County, I thought I’d share his press release:

Vallas Endorses David Hoffman for the U.S. Senate, Cites Experience, Independence, Integrity

Chicago, December 30, 2009-Paul Vallas, Democratic Candidate for Governor in 2002, former Chicago Public Schools CEO and Chicago Budget Director, announced his endorsement of David Hoffman for the United States Senate at a news conference today.

“David Hoffman is the type of individual we need in elective office,” said Vallas. “He has always put principle ahead of politics, is an individual of great integrity and will be an exceptional United States Senator.”

“Paul Vallas has been a true champion of reform and public service,” said Hoffman. “Paul understands that being truly independent here in Illinois is often not so easy.  And he knows that leadership is defined not by what you say as a politician while on the campaign trail-but by what you’ve done in your career. I am honored to have earned his support.”

Vallas, currently Superintendent of the Recovery School District of Louisiana, said Hoffman’s experience in public service as well as his record of independent leadership makes him the best candidate in the Democratic primary.

“Too often we’re faced with very little choice in political campaigns,” said Vallas. “In this race, there is a clear choice for the people of Illinois to cast their vote for a candidate with a true record of accomplishment who has stood up to special interests.  They have the chance to vote for a proven leader.”

“I’ve talked a lot during this campaign about my record of public service, about my independence and my experience – and about leadership,” said Hoffman.  “Because in judging how someone will represent us in the United States Senate, experience does matter.  Being independent of the insiders and speaking out forcefully and honestly and calling them as you see them does matter.  Job performance does matter.”

Vallas narrowly lost to Rod Blagojevich in the 2002 Democratic Gubernatorial primary.

“I doubt I’d be standing here today if Paul Vallas had become Governor of Illinois in 2002 rather than Rod Blagojevich,” said Hoffman.  “The election of Paul Vallas as governor would have had a profound effect in this state.  Pay to play, the culture of corruption, the stain on the very U.S. Senate seat I am seeking – we would not be talking about these things had we elected Governor Vallas seven years ago.


Paul Vallas Endorses Reformer David Hoffman for U.S. Senate — 2 Comments

  1. This endorsement just confirms that we know — Hoffman is a Republican.

    As the Huffington Post reported in Feb. 2009

    “Now, he told the Chicago Sun-Times, he is coming home for good at the end of the year to run for president of the Cook County Board in 2010.

    Not as a Democrat, which he has been all his life, but as a Republican.”

    Hoffman has only worked for a Blue Dog Senator (Boren) and clerked for two right-wing Judges (Jacobs and Rehnquist). The NYT reported on a study about the ideological relationship between judges and clerks. The author of the study concludes:

    ““Do justices select like-minded clerks?” he asked. “Of course.”

    “And do these clerks go into private practice, government work and the legal academy and use their legal skills to promote ideological views that are compatible with their justices? Of course.””

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