Jason Plummer Calling

“Cal Skinner speaking.”

“Jason Plummer calling” or something like that was the way the robo-call started.

Plummer explained quickly that he was running for lieutenant governor. I don’t think he mentioned it was in the Republican primary, but he may have.

He said he would use the office as “a bully pulpit.”

Considering the main job is sitting around waiting for the governor to have an accident or, now, get impeached, that’s probably as good an idea of what to do as any.

Plummer, I discovered, is from the Metro East area. The last lieutenant governor from that part of Illinois was Dave O’Neal.

O’Neal, St. Clair County Sheriff when elected, was nominated in 1976 when Jim Thompson first won.

I flew into Scott Air Force Base with him once. I think it was in 1980 when I was running for State Comptroller. I piggy backed on one of his campaign flights. Such a small plane for such a large runway.

O’Neal quit in 1981 because he got so bored.  In 1981 he lost to fellow Downstater Alan Dixon in 1980.

Plummer also told me he was the only candidate in this race who really gets it.”

His campaign web site says as a University of Illinois student he led the fight against using tax dollars to pay Bill Ayers (of Weather Underground fame then and, now, known as one of the first supporters of Barack Obama for state senate) to speak.

Looking at the photos rotating on is web site, I’d say it looks like a Downstate legislative candidate’s web presence. He’s got the farm photos, the warehouse photo, the home building picture, but there’s nothing from the suburbs or Chicago.

OK. he can skip Chicago.

But he needs to add some photos of him on a busy suburban street. The five lanes of Route 14 in Crystal Lake would be a perfect setting. No need to come at rush hour. It’s congested most of the time.

And, maybe add a photo talking to a mom next to a hill where her kids are sledding with a subdivision in the background.

The young man works for the family lumber company, as well as providing “broadband access to several counties in downstate Illinois,” his web site says.

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  1. Got a better one than that, Cal… Received a call from “an 800 number” the other night. As a rule, I don’t answer those – just check them on Caller ID. This was a “poll” that wanted to know who I favored in the Republican gubernatorial race. They went ahead and left the message on my voice mail… Push 1 for XXXX, Push 2 for YYYY, Push…etc.

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