U.S. Senate Candidate Pat Hughes Favors Term Limits

I haven’t covered the U.S. Senate race to any great extent. The prohibitive favorite, U.S. Congressman Mark Kirk has been to 1776 for a morning “vetting” by Republican Party insiders. I didn’t get much feedback, but when a candidate is running so high in the polls, Establishment types generally support him or her.

With last week’s widespread dissemination of what had previously been rumor mill fodder, stimulated by a radio ad from Senate candidate Andy Martin, some are wondering who is running against Kirk.

Pat Hughes is one of them. He describes himself as “a successful real estate developer, husband, and father, resides with his wife, Susan, and their three children in Hinsdale.”

Here is his press release in favor of term limits:

U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Hughes
to Speak at “Stop Mark Kirk Express” Event

U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Hughes (R-IL) makes the following statement on his support for term limits and will be making a more formal statement on the issue tonight at the Stop Mark Kirk Express event hosted by the Will County Tea Party Alliance:

“Washington D.C. has quickly become the primary place of residency for some members of Congress. In the past twenty years over 90% of House members who ran for re-election have won and over 80% of Senators who have run for re-election have won.

“It is an astonishing high incumbency rate and an odd occurrence due to the fact that Congress has not seen an approval rating over 50% in almost as many years. Setting term limits for Congress helps set a standard for responsible government and responsible representation of the people. When members of Congress begin to see their office as a career and not a public service, they have lost sight of what serving in Congress is about; representation of the people. Politics should be about the people, not the office.”

“If elected to the U.S. Senate I would not only work towards getting term limits set for Congress, I would also pledge to only serve two terms as a Senator myself. Our country thrives when the voices of the people are heard and represented.”


U.S. Senate Candidate Pat Hughes Favors Term Limits — 2 Comments

  1. They all support term limits… until they’re elected. Remember Manzullo: he promised to serve only a handful of terms – and he’s been there now for 18 years.

    The only way to realistically remove the OVERWHELMING incumbent home field advantage is to enact public campaign financing. Not only will it make a level playing field during campaign season, but it will limit (unfortunately, nothing can “remove”) the influence of lobbyists.

    That Hughes is highlighting “term limits” highlights his naivete. Poor dude.

  2. Term limits for Congress are a great idea. I applaud Pat for taking this stand. I assume he will sign on to Sen. Jim DeMint’s bill if elected. That is a compelling reason to vote for him.

    To sign the online petition for Congressional term limits, see:



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