Craig Steagall Outlines McHenry County Board Goals

On District 3 McHenry County Board candidates’ web site, Craig Steagall outlines his goals, if elected.

They are interesting, especially, the ethics, transparency and creation of email surveying capabilities, so I thought I would share them with you below:

Craig’s Goals

Craig Steagall will bring his more than thirty-five years of business and management success to the McHenry County Board. In addition to his experience, Craig is a lifelong resident of the county who has some very specific and achievable policy goals:

1.  Increase Transparency. Craig will push for electronic storage of documents to permit citizens immediate and open access to these public documents (and providing assistance to those without Internet access.)  This will eliminate the need for many Freedom of Information Act requests, save the taxpayers money, make county government more efficient and providing the taxpayers with open, transparent government.

2.  More Power to the Taxpayers. Craig will promote the greater use of technology, including the creation of e-mail surveying capabilities so that the voters of District 3 in McHenry County will be able to provide input on important issues brought before the County Board.  Example, video gambling in unincorporated areas, I would be able to report where the voters of my District stood on the issue.

3.  Adoption of “Best in Class” Ethics Ordinance.
It’s time to restore the people’s faith in their government — no county board member should be in a position to benefit financially as a result of their elected position.

4.  Better Strategic Planning. Craig will work to instill a better strategic planning process for the county board — in which strategic goals are set for each fiscal year, and county board members are required to publicly report on their progress in achieving these goals at the end of each year.  The voters will only benefit from this “report card” for local government.

5.  Better Inter-Governmental Cooperation. Craig will push for better working relationships between the county board, local municipalities, non-profits and private employers.  Better cooperation will allow us all to work toward a better county in which to work and raise our families.

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