Ken Koehler Fund Raiser in Lake Geneva Saturday Morning

This Ken Koehler campaign sign is in front of the old Viking Dodge property, which the Crystal Lake Park District attempted to buy, but failed to get the zoning it requested from the Crystal Lake City Council.

I’m been hearing about a Lake Geneva fund raiser being thrown for McHenry County Board Chairman Ken Koehler.

Here are the details that I’ve been able to discover:

At 9 AM, there will be pastries, coffee and discussion about local and world affairs.

At 10, there will be breakfast.

The event is being hosted by Jerry Schain at his Lake Geneva home.

If you have additional information, such as the price of admission, please let me know.


Ken Koehler Fund Raiser in Lake Geneva Saturday Morning — 5 Comments

  1. Rats..i could not make this fundraiser. I was stuck working. I had to go to church. I was not invited I am not a republican I an not a democrate I cannot eat eggs and pastries….must be a reason why all of you were not invited?

  2. Wow I am afraid for the watershed…no wonder i never got the invite

  3. check out the name on the “forsale signs on all the properties you see Ken’s sign on. …AND THE BROKER IS….chech Ken’s web site….

  4. When you come to rape this land bring more than your simple wit

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