County Board Candidate Craig Steagall Sends Out Email to Taxpayers

Maybe other candidates for the McHenry County Board are following the example of congressional and statewide candidates, but the email addressed to taxpayers you see below is the first one I have seen from a local candidate.

He also has a web site you can find here.

Steagall is running in the District 3 Republican primary.

The email follows:

Daily Herald Highlights our Commitment to Fiscal Discipline

Fellow McHenry County Taxpayer:

Happy New Year!  I have no doubt that 2010 holds great promise for the future of McHenry County.

I wanted to share with you a Daily Herald article that ran over the holidays, which highlighted our commitment to restoring fiscal discipline on the McHenry County Board:

Steagall proposes a freeze on pay raises for county employees.  The board recently voted employees a 2-percent increase for 2010.

“It may be that a 2-percent increase is not in the cards,” Steagall said.  “The reality of what’s happening in the private sector is that employees are taking cuts.”

What that Daily Herald article didn’t include was my pledge NOT to raise taxes — and my strong feeling that we should pursue tax relief once the current economic downturn has passed.

As a successful business owner, I know how to run efficient, effective accountable organizations.

I also know that forcing you to pay for inefficient, unaccountable governments is just plain wrong.

You have my word that I will always fight for fiscal discipline on the county board — and I will never vote to raise your taxes.

If you agree with our message, or are just interested in getting involved, we make it easy for you to do so:

We’ll keep you updated regularly as the campaign progresses, and I invite you to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to earn your vote on February 2nd.


Craig Steagall
McHenry County Board — District 3

You can sign up for future campaign emails here or here.

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