The Jim Ryan Problem

Last night as a very few Republican precinct committeemen were picking up campaign literature to distribute, one of the local members of the power elite took over from the Jim Ryan staffer who was there.

I took Ryan’s literature, but demurred on taking any signs.

When he asked me why, I asked him to thing about whether there would have more corruption in a Jim Ryan administration than in Rod Blagojevich’s.

You might think that is a ridiculous question, but ponder on the fact that convicted crook Stuart Levine—you remember, the guy who fixed the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board vote so Mercy Health Systems could build a hospital in Crystal Lake—was not only Jim Ryan’s law school study partner, but also his biggest single contributor…by far.

$454,195 in 2001-02 when he was running for govenror.

Plus what Levine raised from his friends and business associates.

So, when your best bud from college and biggest lifetime contributor asks for a favor, what is the answer likely to have been?

You tell me.

In any event, besides my conversation with the McHenry County Jim Ryan supporter last night, this article is stimulated by the article about Pat Quinn backing away from a witness in the Tony Rezko trial. The man, Anthony Abboud, whom the Chicago Sun-Times identifies as “Individual Q” in the Rezko indictment, was throwing a fund raiser for Quinn in his Northbrook home.

So, today, I would have another question for Jim Ryan supporters.

When Ryan submits his campaign disclosure report to the Illinois State Board of Elections, do you think maybe the Sun-Times will be searching for contributors connected to Stuart Levine?

Will whatever is found help or hurt Ryan in the fall election or even the February 2nd election?

You know what Fox News says,
“We report. You decide.”

Be honest, Jim Ryan supporters.

As usual, comments are welcome.

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