County Board Candidate Craig Steagall Focuses on Tighter Ethics Rules

The man who has taken on Ken Koehler‘s sale of the old Flowerwood nursery property on County Club Road to Metra for a commuter rail passenger station–and I mean really taken him on–is calling for other county board members and candidates to complete the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water’s questionnaire.

The raising of eyebrows about the purchase stimulated Metra to issue this information.

Craig Steagal is not running against Koehler in District 2, however.  Steagall lives north of the Crystal Lake Avenue township boundary line in District 3.

So far, one candidate in District 2 and three candidates in District 3, one candidate in District 5 and two candidates in District 6 have filled out the forms with ALAW, the consideration of which was sent to the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office for review last month when it was first considered at the committee level.

Here’s is Stegall’s press release:

Completes Transparency Questionnaire, Challenges Other County Candidates and Officials to do the Same

CRYSTAL LAKE, IL — Craig Steagall, candidate for McHenry County Board in District 3, today endorsed the enactment of the proposed Economic Interest and Conflict of Interest Disclosure ordinance put forth by the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water (ALAW).

Steagall also completed ALAW’s Disclosure of Economic Interest questionnaire, which can be found online by clicking here.

“I have decided that the lack of trust in the motives of our elected government officials is a severe impediment to the compact between those in power and their constituents,” said Steagall.  “I endorse this disclosure ordinance, I have completed ALAW’s disclosure questionnaire, and I challenge all candidates and elected officials in McHenry County to do the same.

A lifelong resident of McHenry County, Craig Steagall is running for McHenry County Board in District 3.  The owner of Crystal Lake-based Woolf Distributing, Craig is a proud husband, father and grandfather.  He resides in Crystal Lake with his wife, Cathy, and will bring integrity, independence and sound financial management skills to the McHenry County Board.


County Board Candidate Craig Steagall Focuses on Tighter Ethics Rules — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Cal

    Can you get the results? or did I just miss the link? I want to thank all the candidates for completing the disclosure. To the rest, why should you avoid? I understand the issue of mandating this as law and needing your legal advice from Lou’s office before you concider a legislative action….I simply think legal mandate and voluntary compliance are separate issues
    Does it have to be a law before you disclose? C’MON

  2. I will show you mine if you want. tax returns 401, real estate, banks, my friends who are developers, lawers who represent developers, Let me know how the forum should be delivered. The “yellow piece of paper” that I heard one of our candidates refer too is just the action of meeting the absolute minimum legal requirement…IF THIS COUNTY HAD REAL FOLKS WILLING TO PUT THEIR HEADS TOGETHER we would have a chance to create a vision. Then to translate vision to reality. One that does not reflect a very small minority of special interests. Oh yeah, I not running for anything yet….Hey maybe we could start a new trend…EVERYONE DISCLOSES! Like me even though I am not looking to be elected this year or next

  3. I am going to look for the questionaire. Should I PDF my tax bills too? I got a big kick out of Craig Steagall’s disclosure of not only his properties but also the tax bill’s applicable. EVERYTHING IS THERE AND THERE IS NOTHING TO HIDE..goood thing Craig’s property is properly accorded for. C”MON COME CLEAN ALL BOARD PLAYERS! WHETHER YOU ARE UP FOR RE-ELECTION OR NOT…..FESS UP. I am human so there is dirt out there about me too. It is just there. Publish that too. HONESTY IS WHAT THIS COUNTY NEEDS. My observation is that DONNA KURTZ Cannot lie. Just not her way of handling life. And she is always seeing the half full glass. Boy do we need a Representive who sees a positive future for us with the energy Donna is famous for

  4. And, she is never grinding an axe for anyone. She is a true diplomat

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