Tribune Endorses McKenna in GOP, No One in Dem Primary

As I mentioned earlier reporting on the Chicago Sun-Times endorsement of Kirk Dillard, Republican gubernatorial candidate Andy McKenna was endorsed by the Chicago Tribune on Sunday. Strangely, the endorsement appears online on Friday.

On the same editorial page, was a non-endorsement for the two candidate for the Democratic Party nomination. The piece is mainly a lament for Pat Quinn’s having not lived up to expectations raised by a lifetime of attacking the establishment.

Dan Hynes disappointed the editorial board for not being willing to reduce pension benefits for FUTURE employees.

Go figure, with the pension debt facing taxpayers.

(And, of course, I have a continuing interest in my pension to be paid. Again, I thank taxpayers for the opportunity to serve them as state representative fo sixteen years and county treasurer for four.)


Tribune Endorses McKenna in GOP, No One in Dem Primary — 1 Comment

  1. The Tribune endorsement was extremely disappointing, especially in light of its shameless self-promotion of leading the charge for clean government. Andy McKenna presided over the unraveling of the state Republican party, did nothing to advocate clean government while in that position and was known as Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s favorite Republican. Three strikes, Andy. I am truly undecided about this race and cannot imagine many circumstances short of the Apocalypse where I would vote for McKenna or Kirk Dillard.

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