Karen Tynis Rising

McHenry County Board candidate Karen Tynis' 4X4 foot sign appeared, along with one for Sheriff Keith Nygren, at the Northwest corner of Bull Valley and Walkup Roads late last week.

First there was a four by four foot sign for 8th congressional candidate Joe Walsh on the small billboard skeleton in the field at the Northwest corner of Bull Valley Road and what Crystal Lakers call the McHenry Blacktop.

Then it disappeared.

Last week, when I took my son to swim practice at McHenry West High School, there was a sign for county board candidate Karen Tynis where the Walsh sign had been

I must admit to have not heard of Tynis prior to her filing for the McHenry County Board in the Republican primary in District 3.

I did pick up her campaign piece at the Republican precinct committeeman’s literature distribution last Friday night.

It shows a smiling family on the address side with the message:

Let’s Bring Business Back
to McHenry County!

Karen Tynis, is an experienced businesswoman, wife, mother, grandmother and community volunteer. Whe will work for what the residents of McHenry County need and want.

On the back side is a


Karen J.
County Board

Personal Background:

  • Married with 3 children
  • Resident of County for 19 years
  • BS Degree Eastern Illinois University

Business Experience:

  • Manages the family business, Tynis Concrete, with an avg. of 20 employees, for the last 12 years.
  • Owner of KT Leasing, Inc.
  • 10 exp. with Real Estate Closings and New Construction
  • Treasurer of 2 Property Owners Associations

Community Service:

  • Prairie Ridge Volleyball Volunteered
  • Club Fusion Volleyball Volunteer
  • Salvation Army Volunteered
  • Shepherd of the Hills Church Volunteered
  • Prairie Grove Parks Dept. Volunteer


  • Establish New Business Relationships for the County that encourages growth without hurting taxpayers
  • Help Keep Existing Business in McHenry County
  • Lowering Taxes
  • Reduce Government Spending
  • Establish Open Door Policy for Residents
  • Community Safety

At the bottom is a notice that reminds people that early voting stats today.

Tynis answered the questionnaire for the Northwest Herald.

While not mention on the mailing, of possible interest is that she supports video poker and the two District 3 board members whose terms are up voted to ban it. One, Ed Dvorak, is retiring. The other, Barbara Wheeler was a leader in the fight to ban this gambling in the unincorporated areas of McHenry County.

The cop board vote on the ban was 13-10-1,  so the District 3 elections could tilt the balance in favor of video slot machines. If two pro-gambling members were elected—and no other changes occurred—the vote would be 12-11-1 in favor of video gambling.

One other observation:

I can’t remember the last time anyone campaigned in favor of growth. Past pro-growth candidates have usually said they were for “controlled growth.”


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  1. Interesting to see who Mrs. Tynis’ original campaign chairman was…

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