The Postman Is Your Precinct Committeeman

I started noticing it when I looked at Friday’s mail.

Republican candidates are sending mailings to puff themselves up.

Or just to let us know they exist.

Candidates can’t count on precinct committeemen anymore. Besides GOP political organizations in the suburbs being shadows of what they used to be, what candidate in their right might would count on committeemen going door-to-door on February 2nd.

How much will have the snow have melted by then, even if we have a warm spell?

Setting the primary on Feb. 2nd was just another step in Mike Madigan’s centralization of power in the hands of those at the top.

This is the room at Liberty Outdoor where candidates laid out literature and signs for precinct committee to take last Friday night and Saturday morning. You can see Appellate Court Justice and candidate therefor Mary Schostok conversing on the right. Central Committee Executive Director Geri Davis is facing the camera next to the Dillard sign. Behind here is Ray Marachiori, Lt. Gov. Jason Plummer's campaign manager and my former staffer when I was chairman of the House Privatization Committee. He is talking to Lt. Gov. candidate and Sprinfield businessman Don Tracy, who is a candidate for Lt. Gov. Half of Tracy's head did not make it in the photo. Sheriff Keith Nygren talks with county board candidat John Jung in the center background. The top of his wife Marge's head can be see to Jung's left. Over Jung's shoulder appears a bit of Donna Kurtz.

I picked up my literature Friday night and took the photo you see above about 7:30. By the time closing time had rolled around on Saturday, about forth of some 200 precinct committeemen (if all the precincts were manned) had shown up to get literature. Most will mail what they picked up.

Friday I got an over-sized post card from Congressman Mark Kirk, the favorite to be the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by President Barack Obama and occupied by Roland Burris.

The seat ought to be a pick-up, except for Kirk’s liberal congressional voting record, which has enraged many conservative Republicans.

Like Kirk Dillard, he plays the Jim Edgar card. There’s a photo of Edgar and Kirk and the message side of the postcard leads with this quote from Edgar:

“Mark has a superb record of integrity and ethics,
and he has a great record on the issues as well.”

Kirk plays to his strong points, promising

“Lower Taxes…Less Government…Tough on Corruption”

He actually has a record in those areas which would please a lot of Republicans.

I looked for any information on social issues, but no mention is made of any of his positions.

Kirk also stresses his military record, as you can see if you click on the image of the address side of the piece and enlarge it.

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