Three McHenry County Board Candidates Draw Personal PAC Endorsement

Donna Kurtz

Jeff Thirtyacre

Tina Hill

Didn’t know that the pro-abortion Personal PAC went as low as members of the McHenry County Board until District 2 candidate Ellen Brady Mueller told me she had gotten a questionnaire, but had not filled it out.

I asked her for a copy and she provided it at that day’s meeting of the Crystal Lake City Council on which she serves as one of the senior members.

The three people endorsed are

  • Donna Kurtz (R), challenger running in District 2
  • Jeff Thirtyacre (D), challenger running in District 4
  • Tina Hill (R), incumbent running in District 5

So what kind of questions does one have to answer to get an endorsement?

Here are some of them:

  • Will you SUPPORT legislation to repeal Illinois’ 1995 Parental Notice of Abortion law?
  • Do you SUPPORT Personal PAC’s position that the Illinois Parental Notification of Abortion Act of 1995 violates Illinois Constitutional rights to equal protection and privacy?
  • Will you OPPOSE legislation that places bans on abortion procedures but does not include an exception to protect the woman’s health?
  • Will you SUPPORT legislation restoring abortion coverage under the state Medicaid plan?
  • Will you SUPPORT legislation to restore state employee’s health insurance coverage for abortion?
  • Will you OPPOSE legislation banning embryonic stem-cell research?
  • Will you OPPOSE legislation that would require a woman to view an ultrasound before she could have an abortion?
  • Will you SUPPORT legislation requiring medical supervisions when an ultrasound is performed on a pregnant woman?
  • Will you SUPPORT legislation guaranteeing access to FDA-approved drugs, including ED and other birth control medications?
  • Will you OPPOSE legislation mandating that a physician who performs an abortion be required to first show a patient materials about fetal development, at various stages during pregnancy, and other state mandated information designed to dissuade a woman from having an abortion?
  • Will you SUPPORT the availability and accessibility of family planning services for everyone in Illinois regardless of age?
  • Will you OPPOSE legislation which mandates parental consent or notification before a minor can receive contraceptive care?
  • If elected do you plan to act in a manner CONSISTENT with your answers to the above questions?

Lots of the questions have long, one-sided preambles, which you can read here.

While most of the questions may not seem to have any relationship to what a McHenry County Board member might do, there are a couple that have “McHenry County” written all over them. The two in bold face type are they.

Remember the William Saturday scandal of the late 1990’s?

The McHenry County Health Department was dispensing three- month contraceptives to minors without their patent’s knowledge, let alone consent.

At issue was a Federal rule written by the bureaucrats that forced those accepting Title X money to provide birth control devices, information and drugs to everyone, regardless of age.

Saturday was apparently too cheap to buy condoms, so he took his junior high school age “girl friend,” whom he met at North Junior High School in Crystal Lake, to Woodstock on Saturday, when bus transportation was unavailable for shots of Depo- Provera. There’s a story about it here. It looks like the cover story from World Magazine.

In any event, when the affair came to light, there was a big, many month fuss in which county board members decided it was best for them to prohibit minors from obtaining birth control drugs and devices without parental permission.

Deciding that resulting in McHenry County’s not being able to accept Federal Title X money.

There may have been other instances in the country where Title X money has been rejected because its use requires no discrimination based on age, but I don’t know of them.

The furor in McHenry County even worked its way into Congress with 16th District Don Manzullo carrying the torch.

Pro-life endorsements in McHenry County can be found here.

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