11th McHenry County Board Candidate Voluntarily Discloses Potential Conflict of Interest information

With the submission of the ALAW conflict of interest form, the total now stands at eleven of those county board members who have opened up financial aspects of their personal lives.

McHenry County Board member Barbara Wheeler, on the left, mugs with one of her District 3 challengers, Veronica Armstrong, who is holding a rubber jar opener that says, "Get a grip on your future. Get rid of the screw offs." The two were at the literature distribution last for Republican precinct committeemen last Friday night.

Republican Veronica Armstrong, who is running for a District 3 seat, has just submitted her information.

She is a challenger running against

  • Incumbent Barb Wheeler
  • Former Board member Nick Provenzano
  • Challenger Craig Steagall and
  • Challenger Karen Tynis

Tynis is now the only District 3 candidate who has not filled out the questionnaire whose completion the Alliance of Land, Agriculture and Water wants the county board to make mandatory.

Steagall started the domino effect, being the first in the county to file.

Others who have filled out the form are in this article.

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