First McHenry County Board Member Not Up for Election Files ALAW Conflict of Interest Form

The Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water has received its first completed conflict of interest form from a county board member not up for election.

Her name is Virginia Peschke and she represents District 5.

In addition, another candidate for a District 2 seat—Sandra DePaul—has climbed aboard the ethics bandwagon.

That means all three District 2 challengers

  • Donna Kurtz
  • Ellen Brady Mueller
  • Sandra DePaul

have indicated their willingness to follow the transparency trail, while the two District 2 incumbents,

  • Ken Koehler, County Board Chairman
  • Lyn Orphal

have not yet taken the plunge to informing their constituents of potential conflicts of interest.

The Patriots United candidates’ forum for county board candidates tonight at 7 (6:30, if you want to talk to candidates ahead of time) at McHenry County College ought to be interesting if the candidates—mainly incumbents—who have not yet filled out the ALAW form are asked to explain why they have not done so.

Of the ten incumbents up for re-election sixty percent have not taken the effort to fill out the questionnaire.

15 of 27 candidates, however, have completed the form.

Can’t you just see last minute mailings pointing out who doesn’t want the public to know the possible conflicts of interest they might have?

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