ALAW Endorsements

Barbara Wheeler

Diane Evertson

Donna Kurtz

Endorsements from the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water has endorsed folks for the McHenry County Board.

Here is the group’s press release:

John Jung

Mary McCann

The Alliance for Land Agriculture and Water (ALAW) is pleased to recommend the following candidates for McHenry County Board and asks for your vote in their respective districts.

  • Donna Kurtz (R) District Two
  • Barb Wheeler (R) District 3
  • John Jung, Jr. (R) District 5
  • Frank Wedig, (Green Party) District 5
  • Diane Evertsen (R) District 6
  • Mary McCann (R) District 6

Frank Wedig

Each of these candidates has pledged to work for preservation of our natural resources, our fresh water supply and our prime farmland.

These goals are critical to maintaining our quality of life and economic viability in the county.

Survey results are available here.

We would like to remind voters that “vote for two” on your ballot is not a command, but a choice.

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