Mike Mahon Third Challenger to Keith Nygren to File ALAW’s Conflict of Interest Questionnaire

The recent filing of potential conflict of interest information by Democratic Party candidate for sheriff Mike Mahon means all of McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren‘s opponents have taken this step by transparency.

Nygren has not done so yet.

GOP primary opponent Zane Seipler was the first to file the form.  Green Party candidate Gus Philpott was the second.

The form in question was proposed as part of a county ordinance by the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water.

Its intent is to allow the public and other public officials to know what property those filing have as well as their business relationships.

Most county officials will show they have no such potential conflicts of interest.

16 of 27 county board candidates have their replies posted on the ALAW web site here.

But only five (half) of the incumbents running for re-election have voluntarily submitted a completed form:

  • Tina Hill – District 5
  • Mary McCann – District 6
  • Lyn Orphal – District 2
  • Sandy Salgado – District 4
  • Barb Wheeler – District 3

None of the three male incumbents filed:

  • Ken Koehler – District 2
  • Pete Merkel – District 4
  • Dan Ryan – District 6

And, the two District 1 females also did not fill out the ALAW ethics questionnaire:

  • Yvonne Barnes
  • Anna May Miller

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