Mark Kirk Calls

Mark Kirk

I keep getting these calls from statewide candidates.

They must know I’m a Republican precinct committeeman and think I might talk to some of my neighbors, I guess.

Anyway, Mark Kirk, who is running for the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate called last night.

He told me he had been endorsed by over 100 Republican leaders and organizations, including Congressman Peter Roskam, Congresswoman Judy Biggert and former Governor Jim Edgar.

He told me how he had voted against tax hikes “40 times.”

He told me he had sponsored “tough anti-corruption laws.”

I remember one would have taken pensions away from congressmen convicted of illegal acts. Congress critters only lose their pension WHILE they are imprisoned.

Amazingly enough, Illinois has had such a law since the mid-1950’s.

He also told about his service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Then, someone else asked if I would vote for Mark Kirk.

If so, I should press 1. If I’d like to volunteer, I should press 2.

When I didn’t do either and didn’t hang up, a woman said,
“I didn’t hear your response.”

Then, the message started over again.

I finally hung up.

So, it looks as if Mark Kirk is following Abraham Lincoln’s advice to identify his supporters and get them to the polls.

I can only imagine that those who pushed button number one will get at least one phone call on election day, if not before.

With no single opponent around which conservatives are grouping, it’s hard to see how Mark Kirk can loss the primary election.

It should be noted that Mark Kirk did not mention one issue near and dear to social conservatives.

Not one.


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  1. Remember this?….Author unknown,

    December 18, 2009 By: Cal Skinner Category: John McCain, Mark Kirk
    I guess that’s not much of a surprise, but one of my readers felt strongly enough to send me McCain’s email, which follows:
    My Friend,
    Next year, Illinois voters will have the opportunity to elect a new U.S. Senator. The people of Illinois deserve a Senator who will restore honest government, strengthen our national security, fight for veterans and bring fiscal discipline to Washington.
    Mark Kirk has my strongest endorsement and I hope to welcome him as a colleague in the Senate in the near future.
    Mark has served honorably in the United States Congress since 2001. During his time in Congress, he has been a consensus builder and worked tirelessly to support our troops, veterans and the citizens of the State of Illinois.
    As a Commander in the United States Navy Reserve, Mark has served his country with distinction in Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti and Bosnia. During his tenure in Congress, Mark deployed to Afghanistan in December 2008. His firsthand knowledge of our military and his service in the Middle East makes him an unparalleled leader in Congress on these important issues.
    Mark shares our values, the same vision for America’s future, and works relentlessly to stop the budget-busting, big government agenda. He is the kind of valued leader that we need in the Senate who will work to find the common sense solutions the people of Illinois expect to see from their leaders.
    I hope you will join me in supporting Mark Kirk’s campaign for U. S. Senate by following this link to make a donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more before December 31st. Any amount you can give up to the $2400 legal limit will help his campaign as they approach their primary election in February.
    His potential Democrat challengers are well-funded. The national Democratic Party does not want to lose Barack Obama’s former Senate seat. And they will do whatever it takes to keep control of this seat. So I hope you will take a moment today to support his campaign by giving as generously as you can.
    Thank you for your support and I wish you and your family a happy holiday season.
    John McCain
    P.S. I have been honored and humbled to have your support in the past, and I hope Mark Kirk can count on you to help him win what will be a competitive campaign. Please follow this link to make an immediate contribution to help Mark Kirk’s campaign start 2010 with as much financial strength as possible.Thank you.
    The friend of McHenry County Blog who forwarded this to me had these comments:
    “Mark Kirk shares our values and will face a competitive campaign.”
    Not any voter that I know, here in Illinois!
    Pass this far and wide, and invite your contacts to contact John McCain and tell him how wrong he is.  Remember, he lost the election last year, we now have a loser telling us to vote for a loser?  I don’t think so!
    voted against the troop surge in Iraq;
    received an F- from the NRA; 1
    100% rating from Planned Parenthood;
    against traditional marriage;
    voted for Cap and Trade
    … these among other liberal voting records of Mark Kirk.
    Maybe McCain doesn’t know Kirk’s voting record, and that WE THE PEOPLE have had enough!

  2. Dear Cal~

    Thank you for the article . I didn’t know where Kirk stood on many issues. Since I’m not from the 10th district I didn’t follow Kirk’s last campaign. The only two people who really know politically where Kirk stands are Nancy Pelosi and Dick Durbin. I understand that neither will be endorsing him. But than again I’ve come across a lot a Republicans who aren’t endorsing Kirk either.

    From my perspective, its like last night’s SOTU Address. President Obama knows recent polls state that only a minority of Americans support his policies. Even with that information. He has decided to continue pushing his original agenda in lieu of the bipartisan discontent and anger across the country.
    Same can be said for the Illinois Republican leadership.

    They know there is a growing number of anti-kirk-down-to my-DNA Republicans. But like Obama, the Republican Elitists chose to ignore those voters and expedite Kirk’s candidacy. Sort of like those students who got preferential admissions into universities.

    Life isn’t fair and I guess neither is the political process. If it were why are so many voters feeling a growing resentment. Not disenfranchise ~ but resentment for sure. I’m so disappointed in the GOP leadership and sorry to say Mr. Pat Brady…..”I’m not fringe , I’m not a right wingednut, I’m not a tea-bagger ,I’m are card-carrying Republican who will not vote for Mark Kirk. Like other Republicans. I feel short-changed. I’d hoped for a Scott Brown and was handed a Mark Kirk.

    To paraphrase Lloyd Benson Mark Kirk is NO Scott Brown.
    Scott Brown participated in the debates. Kirk didn’t.
    Scott Brown shook hands on the streets. Kirk shook hands at fundraisers.
    Brown asked Democrat and Independents for their votes.
    Kirk is struggling to keep Republicans onboard.
    Brown wants to change the problems in Washington.
    Kirk IS part of the Washington problem.
    Brown’s Victory sent a message to Washington.
    Kirk’s victory sends the wrong message.
    I wanted to vote for Scott Brown.
    I can’t vote for Mark Kirk

    So how is this scenario going to play out come November? Republican leaders have to form a coalition of Die-hard Republicans with Jump-ship Democrats and a growing number of Hold-Your-Nose- and -Vote republicans (small r) in order to pull out a victory. I don’t think its going to happen because 10% of the real passionate voters (aka fringe ) will stay home. Those were the people who carried signs and wore buttons and wrote blogs. They were the lil people who got others to the polls. Unfortunately their boycott will effect other candidate’s outcomes.

    Short translation:: I’m hoping there will be a balance in congress next year but it will have to come from outside of Illinois. I’m going to ignore Pat Brady’s party and cast my primary ballot for Patrick Hughes and let the cards fall where they may. If I find an out of state candidate I can support I will throw what little money and efforts I can his way but for now I’m an orphaned Republican.

    ps Please take notice that I never once used the word RINO.

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