The $1,000 County Board Reimbursement Account — 1 Comment

  1. Ken Koehler spent $34 on a public safety building meeting (meal?); the Sheriff has a new building in his plans even though millions were just recently spent to enlarge capacity at 2200 N. Seminary, and County Board member Barb Wheeler said in today’s (1/20/10) Northwest Herald “…the County Board’s building plans, such as new buildings for the sheriff’s office and health department, had been put on hold in the recession.”

    And Koehler’s $43 Integrated Justice Mtg Luncheon and $45.25 Lakewood Issues Luncheon. Were those for his meal only, or did he buy someone else’s lunch, too? Each County Board member should pay for his own meal and be reimbursed for it.

    Look at all the $30-32-34-35 McCog meal reimbursements. Am I the only one curious about so many meals in the same price range? Where are they eating?

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