Huntley School District 158 School Board President Shawn Green Announces Resignation, Shift of Attention to Partisan Arena

Shawn Green at the Crystal Lake April 15th TEA Party at Route 14 and Main Street

Here’s a surprising press release from Shawn Green, the Huntley School Board president. He notes, as McHenry County Blog did earlier this year, that he is running for Republican precinct committeeman (Coral Township Precinct 3).

In April he told me of his initiative to have the school board oppose House Bill 2354.

The language he proposed to the school board follows:

“The Board of Education for Consolidated School District #158 opposes HB 2354.“We believe the provisions in this bill amending the School Code by removing the teaching of ’sexual abstinence until marriage,’ and adding the requirement for school districts to provide ‘comprehensive sexual health education’ are wholly inappropriate.

“These requirements take critical local control authority away from school districts, and the District 158 Board of Education strongly encourages our legislators to vote against passage of this bill.”

I was surprised to have seen him at mid-April’s TEA Party in Crystal Lake.

Just last Friday I saw him at the Patriots United county board candidates’ forum at McHenry County College. He told me of being a new father of a baby girl.

With that background, here’s his statement:

Shawn Green- CSD158 Board of Education President
21 January 2010

I have decided to become more active within the Conservative movement, and will soon begin serving as a Republican Precinct Committeeman.

While no legal conflict arises from holding this position concurrently with the office of Board of Education member, it does create a personal conflict regarding the amount of time and effort I can devote to each. Heightened professional responsibilities and the recent arrival of my first child make it impossible to serve in both public offices with the dedication I demand of myself.

Therefore, I regretfully announce my intent to resign from the School District 158 Board of Education. I will remain in office until my replacement is chosen and seated.

It was always my intention to serve a single term on the school board.

However, in early 2009 as the deadline drew closer and the lack of candidates running for the board became apparent, I reluctantly filed my petition to run for a second term. The current board has now worked together for nearly a year, and I am confident they, along with my replacement, will continue to move District 158 forward.

I encourage the board members to choose a replacement who shares my commitment to academic excellence, fiscal accountability, and the conservative values reflective of our community.

District 158 faces many tough challenges ahead and I intend to remain involved, albeit on the sidelines, in school district affairs. But for me, the more pressing task at hand is dealing with the plethora of troubling issues at the national, state, and county levels.

The Democrat Party has been in power in both houses of the United States Congress since January 2007, and added the presidency more than a year ago.

They’ve had, for all practical purposes, complete control over the state of Illinois for as long as I can remember.

Liberal influence is on the march even in McHenry County as evidenced by the 2008 presidential election results.

What’s worse is the most radical thinkers are steering the Democrat agenda.

The Republican Party, until very recently, has been weak in its opposition and has strayed from its conservative roots. The results have been devastating economically, socially, and in terms of our national security.

It is time to change course, and I will do my part to make that happen.

It has been an honor to serve the students and tax payers of District 158, and I am proud of our accomplishments. As one chapter in public service ends for me, another begins;

I am eager to help revitalize the Republican Party, bring about a return to our founding principles, and halt the advance of the morally and intellectually bankrupt ideals of the far Left.

Shawn Green


Huntley School District 158 School Board President Shawn Green Announces Resignation, Shift of Attention to Partisan Arena — 1 Comment

  1. Given what he’s done for Huntley versus what Green wants to do for the Republican Party, I’d rather him limit his damage and stay with District 158.

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