Will Corporate Money Come in Against Mark Kirk?

Now the the United States Supreme Court has ruled that corporations and unions can use non-PAC funds out of their general treasuries to support or oppose Federal candidates for office, the question in my head is whether corporations will start contributing to one of Congressman Mark Kirk’s opponents.

Maybe the low limits applicable to individuals would apply to “natural persons,” as dissenter Justice John Paul Stevens wrote.

If so, no potential problem for Kirk.

If not…there might be a lot more ads on television.

I see from this article that there are now no limits on corporate contributions in Federal elections.

“‘It is a sweeping decision. In one opinion, the Court struck down all bans on corporate independent spending,’ said Marc Elias, a leading Dem election lawyer at Perkins Coie,” the article in Hotline on call says.

Robert Kelner, a GOP election lawyer at Covington & Burling, thinks most money will flow through trade associations, although individual companies may buy ads themselves.

Under current Illinois law corporations and unions can contribute unlimited amounts to political campaigns.

A limit of $5,000 is set to go into effect next election cycle, but it does not pertain to independent expenditures.

Whether that limit for corporation contributions to Political Action Committee’s will be challenged remains to be seen.

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