Stolen Zane Seipler Sign Hits Home

As I drove to Andy’s Family Restaurant for my Walk to Emmaus Reunion breakfast at 7:30 this morning, I noticed my Zane for Sheriff sign had been stolen.

The wire was still there, but the sign was missing.

You have to wonder about the genius who took it.

He’s obviously not deeply enough into politics that he could figure out I might write an article about the theft.

An equal opportunity sign displayer on Route 47 on the way to the Courthouse in Woodstock. The center yard sign for Zane Seipler was stolen Friday night from next to my mailbox in Lakewood

When people start stealing signs, it’s generally an indication that the side doing the stealing is nervous about the election.  And mine is not the only Zane for Sheriff signs to have “disappeared.”

Why would there reason for Keith Nygren to be worried about his re-election chances? After all, how can one with $123,000 in the bank on January 1st lose an election to someone running a hand-to-mouth financed campaign?

Still, Nygren has only had one mailer so far. At least one more to come, of course. And there’ll be radio and newspaper ads, but, still, in spite of the Nygren signs all over, I wouldn’t exactly characterize his campaign as “all out.”

With that kind of money, I could think of a lot more to do.

But, maybe Nygren is saving the bulk of his money to fight Democrat Mike Mahon in the f


Stolen Zane Seipler Sign Hits Home — 2 Comments

  1. Its only the beginning Cal. Last election I lost over 40 signs to people who didn’t want me to win. You can check with the MCHenry County sheriff, I filed a report because they went in my neighbors yards and took their signs. The sheriffs office was going to put a camera on them but they said it had been damaged and couldn’t. My neighbors even filed reports of theft but nothing was done.

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