Hoffman Gaining Strength in Demo Primary, Kirk Still Far Ahead among Republicans

The Chicago Tribune is out with its poll results for the United States Senate race.

While State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias has 34% of those polled, Cheryle Jackson pulled 19% and in third place was David Hoffman with 16%. Two other candidates show about 1% support.

Hoffman is in third placed despite being endorsed by every paper that has made its choice known.

His campaign nevertheless sees the glass as half full:

“The Chicago Tribune poll confirms that this race remains wide open and within reach.

“Alexi Giannoulias has spent well over one million dollars on television and his numbers remain static, while David Hoffman has moved 7 points – the only movement of any candidate outside the margin of error – since the last public poll and the number of undecideds remain high.

“David has received the endorsement of every newspaper that has weighed in on this campaign, and that message will be on television with a strong buy in the closing eight days.”

With about a fourth of the Democratic Party still undecided, Hoffman has room for movement as more people start paying attention to the campaign.

The front of the Mark Kirk for U.S. Senate mailing that arrived last week.

On the GOP side of the aisle, Congressman Mark Kirk got approval from 47% of the voters. His closest opponent Pat Hughes, scored 8%. None of the others had more than 3%.

35% of Republicans are undecided, but none of Kirk’s opponents have shown any ability to raise significant sums of money.

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