District 3 County Board Candidates Sending Mailings

Here you see conservative challenger Tom Morrison campaigning against Palatine's liberal State Rep. Suzie Bassi. Any local candidates hoofing it? Send me a photo, but don't look at the camera and be at a door with a potential constitute.I thought you might want to see the mail that candidates or those being courted for their vote have sent out in District 3. (If I have missed any, I ask the candidates to email it me.)

Candidates for the District 3 McHenry County Board seats are starting to send out mailings.

I thought you might want to see the ones that I have found.

Any candidate in any district who would like to have a bit wider coverage of their direct mail campaign is welcome to email me what is sent out. And, if you as a reader receive a mailing and will be so kind as to scan it for me, I’ll be appreciative and try to get it up.

With the Chicago Democrats having set the primary election in one of the coldest times of the year to protect incumbents from challengers, the postman really is the precinct committeeman.

Not many voters will see a candidate knocking on doors like the challenger to Republican State Rep. Suzie Bassi of Palatine, two districts away from most of us.

So, let’s take a look at some District 3 mailings for county board.

Here’s a mailing from District 2 challenger Craig Steagall.  It arrived last week.

This post card from District 3 challenger Craig Steagall appears to be an introduction of the candidate and theme of the campaign--"Fresh Leadership." It also includes the campaign web site www.craigsteagall.com

Here’s the other side.

It contains biographical information. I'm guessing the yellow patch is where the address and bulk mail permit goes. Steagall discloses his successful business background, his family's service to the agriculture community, a bit about his role in building the Prairie Ridge High School soccer fields and his role in the Continental Little League.

The piece from District 3 challenger Karen Tynis is next.

This is the address side of a Karen Tynis mailing. The highlight, of course, is the photo of her family. She talks of her business background and being a community volunteer.

This is the only post card I have seen so far that has to be rotated to be read. I don't whether that is good or bad, but tend to think it is good because it is different from the others.

On this postcard, the volunteer work mentioned on the address side is fleshed out, including volunteering for Prairie Ridge High School and Club Fusion volley ball, the Salvation Army, the Prairie Grove Parks Dept.  and the Shepherd of the Hills Church.

Tynis lists her goals as

  • Establish new business relationships for the county that encourages growth without hurting the taxpayers
  • Help keep existing businesses in McHenry County
  • Lowering taxes
  • Reduce government spending
  • Establish an open door policy for residents
  • Community safety

Tynis also lists her business experience with Tynis Concrete and KT Leasing, two property owners associations and ten years of real estate closings.

Barb Wheeler, the only incumbent running, is the only one to have sent out a letter.

Click to enlarge any image.

It includes her web site www.BarbaraWheeler2010.com and gives her phone number–815-245-4556.

She tells of her endorsement by the Northwest Herald and being described as an “INDEPENDENT” three times.

“I am a proud member of the Republican Party; however, in local government that doesn’t always mean I will vote in lock step with the party leaders.”

Here’s her closing pitch:

“The economy is the number one issue facing the county, state and country. Because of McHenry County’s fiscal discipline, our county has consistently passed a balanced budget.

“In the last five years, we have actually seen our county’s portion of the tax bill go down.

“Further, I have proposed initiatives not only to attract and to retain businesses, but also to help McHenry County businesses expand and grow. These efforts will improve business and employment opportunities.

“Obviously, the county can’t act alone; we will need the collaboration of the Economic Development Council, the McHenry County Community College, as well as other industry leaders.

“My consensus building experience will help to bring these groups to the table for the betterment of McHenry County.”

Finally, here is a mailing from former county board member Nick Provenzano, who is seeking a return to the county board.

It is a piece aimed at Pro-Lifers. It is the most professional looking piece I have seen aimed at that important segment of Republican primary voters. I wonder what the distribution was.

Clearly, District 3 county board candidate Nick Provenzano is positioning himself to be "THE" Pro-Life candidate.

Nick Provenzano touts his endorsement by the Illinois Citizens for Life, Irene Napier, Chairman of McHenry County Right to Life and Bonnie Quirke, Chairman of the Lake County Right to Life, plus the Northwest Herald. He includes his web site address.

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