8th District Watch – Lake County Sheriff and State’s Attorney Endorse Maria Rodriguez for Congress

Maria Rodriguez

It’s tough to find something that is newsworthy at the end of a campaign, but I think Long Grove Village President Maria Rodriguez has managed to do it.

She announces today the endorsements of the top two law enforcement officials in Lake County.

Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran, who switched from Democrat to Republican when it was not a popular thing to do, and State’s Attorney Mike Waller.

Rodriguez is pretty much the Lake County Establishment’s choice, so many the endorsements are not a surprise to anyone but me.

If I had such endorsements early on, I would have used them before this point in the campaign.

Rodriguez’ press release follows:

Prominent Law Enforcement Officials Come Out
for Maria Rodriguez for Congress

LONG GROVE – Today, Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran and Lake County State’s Attorney Mike Waller endorsed Maria Rodriguez’s bid to win the Illinois’ 8th Congressional District Republican primary on February 2.

Mark Curran, the popular first term sheriff, stated in his endorsement,

“I’ve known Maria Rodriguez for years.  She is an effective, capable mayor with strong integrity.  When she makes a commitment, she always comes through.  Maria Rodriguez has made a commitment to the 8th district to be a strong fiscal conservative focused on protecting our nation and rebuilding our economy.  I am happy to join her team.”

Mike Waller is the Lake County State’s Attorney.  In endorsing Maria Rodriguez, Waller stated,

“We could use Mayor Rodriguez’s high level of integrity in Congress.  She will be a strong, honest voice for her constituents and put the people first, not herself.”


8th District Watch – Lake County Sheriff and State’s Attorney Endorse Maria Rodriguez for Congress — 2 Comments

  1. The past month I have been reading the articles,comments,blogs,etc.. regarding the 8th District Primary. I thought I had my candidate picked. However, after attending last nights LWV Candidate Forum, my vote has changed. In my opinion, Walsh and Rodriguez turned out to be total disappointments. Beveridge showed little interest and acted like he has already won the election, and maybe he has. Geisler, an apparent whistle blower, spoke well but is very young and comes off a little too cocky for my taste.

    I must say, John Dawson was most impressive. He seems to really understand the economy and has a strong resume. Walsh and Beveridge have too many skeletons in their closets and Bean will tear them apart. Maria seems nice, but not sharp enough to beat Bean. Dawson is the only candidate that no one has any dirt on. As crazy as this sounds, he seems to be the rarest form of politician: sincere,honest,intellegent, AND capable! For that reason, he has won my vote. We elect Dawson as the Republican Candidate, Bean will be forced to run her campaign solely based on the issues and her record. Talk about electability!

    As a republican with the ultimate goal to bag the BEAN, the responsible vote is for John Dawson. Take another look at this guy; he appears to be the real deal.

  2. In at least as far as Maria and Beveridge I agree. I am, by far, the most disappointed in Maria as she was my early pick, but her constant bumbling and horrible campaigning are truly repulsive. I have not yet “sold” Walsh down the river and Geissler does indeed need some time and refining, but has what I consider to be a bright future in politics, should he desire it.

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