Jason Plummer Calling Still Again

Jason Plummer, Metro East candidate for the GOP nomination for lieutenant governor.

I got my third call from Republican lieutenant governor candidate Jason Plummer yesterday. His family has built a quite successful lumber yard business Downstate with a couple of yards in Missouri.

And he is spending a LOT of family money on his campaign.

But, as I pointed out in my story on the McHenry County Young Republicans meeting at 1776, my favorite restaurant in Crystal Lake, he spent the whole evening right here in Crystal Lake.

The most recent robo-call reminded me that he was the “only endorsed candidate of the Illinois Federation of Right To Life.”

Another “only” was his service as a military officer.

He told me he was “committed to strong family values and the rights of the unborn.”

I don’t know how widely this call went among Republicans. Maybe it just went to a select pro-life telephone list.

But, I do know that I advise candidates to make at least seven contacts with voters, if they want to win.

I have received two mailings, three phone calls and one personal appearance.

I don’t watch a lot of TV or listen to a lot of radio, but it certainly would not surprise me that Plummer is running ads on both.

I think I’ll look on his web site and see if I can find a television ad.

I found one.

Can’t tell you if it running in the Chicago market.

Here’s where you can find call one and call two.

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