Andy McKenna Calls

So, it’s the day before the election and what do I get?

Andy McKenna talking to the McHenry County delegation at the Illinois Republican Convention in Decatur. McKenna surprised everyone by attacking DuPage County Board Chairman Bob Schillerstrom for his role in tripling the RTA sales tax. He also went after former Governor Jim Thompson.

A robo-call from Republican candidate for governor Andy McKenna.

He said he was “humbly calling to ask for your vote.”

Caught without the ability to take a lot of notes, I caught,

“I have a plan to cut spending and not raise taxes.”(no

Right on message there.

He explained that the Chicago Tribune had decided to endorse only me”(no Democrat was endorsed), the endorsement saying he would bring “ethical and financial stability” to Illinois.

McKenna called once before in a Telephone Town Hall format. On the phone was his lieutenant governor running mate, but on the ballot separately, Matt Murphy.

It was over a month ago and, although I took notes, I didn’t find time to write the story about it I should have.

I just listened and took notes while others from the area asked questions.

Murphy seemed to have a good grasp of state finances, but McKenna delivered the lines I remember to this day.

But the best two sentences came from McKenna.

“My wife tells me if I do what I say I’m going to do I’ll only be a one-term governor.

“I told her, ‘That’s OK.’”


About that McKenna’s asking “humbly” remark.

Having run for office 23 times (19-4), I can tell you candidates lay their egos on the line when they run for office.  (It took me about six months to recover by self-esteem each time I lost.)

It is a humbling experience to ask for votes.  You know there are people in your community who could do a better job; you just hope you can do a good enough one, if you are honored by your fellow citizens to get enough of their votes to win election (or party nomination, as is the case Tuesday).

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