Doing What Local Candidates Don’t

Kirk Dillard at 1776 breakfast, (article 2, article 3).

Way back in Abe Lincoln’s time, his supporters were urged to identify their supporters and make sure they get to the polls.

That took a lot of effort back then, and still does.

So much effort that local politicians rarely make the effort.

The new variation on that theme is automated telephone calls.

I have a note among my story ideas that says gubernatorial candidate Kirk Dillard made voter ID calls.

Presumably on election day another call will be made to urge those who identified themselves as Dillard supporters to get on down to the polls be they close at 7.

Jason Plummer the night the lights went out.

I think I got one from lieutenant governor candidate Jason Plummer, too.

If there is a trick in the political book that Plummer has not tried, I can’t identify it.

Dan Proft speaking at Nunda Township Republican Picnic.

And, remember that call from the heretofore unknown “Illinois Election Research?”

A friend remembers that there were only four names on the list of those running for governor and observes how strange it was Dan Proft, who almost certainly will not be among the top four finishers, was listed second.

The conclusion my friend reached was that the poll was an attempt to identify Proft supporters for some future purpose.

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