Provenzano Sends Out Last Mailer

Here is the direct mail piece designed to “close the sale” with voters. 4,700 in all.

Provenzano says he supports "enhanced" Economic Disclosure, opposed (what I call the McHenry County Republican) cat tax, wants to internet streaming of county board meetings, sponsored the Whistleblower ordinance to "root out fraud," opposed the $10 million increase in county spending and employee/public official pay raises, plus helped the State's Attorney "slash outside attorney's fees saving tax payer dollars."

The back side of Nick Provensano's last mailing emphasizes endorsements. Click to enlarge.

It would be interesting to compare the endorsements above with the ones Provenzano listed when he announced his candidacy last July.

In an email accompanying the images above, Provenzano wrote,

“On the last mail piece, I was going to add a photo of Keely Cat next to the Cat Tax comment but attempts to reach his agent went unanswered.”

Keely Cat still lifts his tail at the thought of those county board members who wanted to tax him in order to help pay for that Animal Control Shelter on Route 14. The proponents argued that Keely and other house cats needed to be protected from rabid bats, but were going to exempt barn cats. Keely is just your average cat, but even average cats know barn cats are more likely to see a rabid bat than a house cat. (In the background you see my daughter Alexandra and my parents Eleanor and Cal Skinner.)

Just in case you want to know who voted for the McHenry County Republican Cat Tax, you can find out here.

This is what Provenzano’s Saturday robo-call to 4,200 people said,

“Hi this is Nick Provenzano, wait don’t hang up, I hate these robo calls as much as you do, but I have a tax alert message that you need to hear.

“I’m sure your household budget was much like mine, growing smaller everyday, and finding ways to save out of pure necessity. And yet the County board voted to spend another 10 million dollars.

“This is Nick Provenzano and I’m running for County board to send a message. I feel enough is enough, together, let’s draw a line in the sand, right here, right now, let’s start here in McHenry County and tell our politicians that enough is enough. – No longer will we tolerate tax and spend politicians who just don’t get it. It’s time to cut spending and reduce taxes.

“My opponent doesn’t get it, she voted for that 10 million dollars in additional spending. She also voted in favor of pay raises for all County Employees, when most of us are either getting laid off or getting pay CUTS.

“I need your help and your vote to get this done, please select a Republican ballot and vote for Nick Provenzano on February 2nd.

“To learn more about my history and efforts to fight higher taxes and reform county government go to my web site at that’s N I C K P R O 2010 dot com.”

Another robo-call from Irene Napier went to pro-lifers.

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