Zane Seipler Out Campaigning on Election Day

Most local candidates think campaigning time is over the Sunday before the election.

It’s not over, of course, until the polls close at 7 PM.

Zane Seipler, candidate for McHenry County Sheriff, greets Lakewood's Jane Rule before she votes at the Crystal Lake Park District's Main Beach House. Next to Rule is Eileen Marhoeffer, a pillar in the Seipler campaign.

Today, standing out in front of my Crystal Lake Park District Main Beach polling place was McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Zane Seipler.

With so few people voting, that may not have been a good use of his time, but at least those coming through the gate were pretty sure to be people on the way to vote.

Pre-school kids play soccer in Crystal Lake's Main Beach House where voters from the precinct north and south of the lake regularly voted until the park board banished them to a back room.

Of course, they could have been on the way to pre-school soccer in the room where I dearly wish the Park Board would allow the polling place to be located.

I just can’t understand how elected officials can think that a handful of kids playing soccer is more important than an election.

Where voters are forced to vote if they live north or south of Crystal Lake in Algonquin Township.

Above is the backroom into which voters must go. It does not show that the park board members value the democratic process, does it?

Algonquin Precinct 19 voters line up to cast their ballots in the cramped room where the Crystal Lake Park Board allows two polling places to operate.

While you see the room virtually empty, there were voters lined up at one point to cast their ballots in the cramped facility.

A snowy Meridian Street (Gate 12) on Election Day.

Turnout was low, which would be expected on a snowy day picked deliberately by the Chicago Democrats who set the date in order to keep voter turnout low so Establishment candidates (mainly incumbents) would have the best chance of winning.

Prairie Ridge High School student Taylor Humm is the election judge handling electronic voting. At 10:30 she had only processed five ballots. Four were Republican and one was for a Democrat.

Handling the electronic voting in Algonquin 7 was Prairie Ridge High School student Taylor Humm.

One final word.

Park District employees remove signs about 10 AM from the Main Beach parking lot.

For those candidates who noticed their signs are missing from the Main Beach, above you can see where they went.  Frankly, I do not understand why such signs are not allowed on election day.  I got so angry the first time my candidates’ signs were removed I went to court and got an injunction entered preventing the district’s employees from removing them.  The district does have an ordinance preventing such political signs.


Zane Seipler Out Campaigning on Election Day — 3 Comments

  1. My compliments to Zane Seipler for his hard work and his professional business attire during his campaign for Republican candidate for Sheriff of McHenry County.

  2. Cal are you REALLY saying Cook County Democrats control the weather?

  3. No.

    But by selecting the first Tuesday in February as the primary day, the Cook County Democrats in control in Springfield knew the weather was likely to be bad.

    As Mark Brown pointed out in his Sun-Times column today, Chicago’s city elections are in the winter in order to hold down turnout.

    And, that is what happens.

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